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Industrial Use TRU Fire Hose

Fire Hose for Industrial Use with Hi-strength ethylene yarn and qualified PVC synthesis original materials, and Light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth layer. Features: (1). Flat roll convenient for moving and storage. (2). Working at low-temperature water, also high-temperature...

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    Fire Hose for Industrial Use with Hi-strength ethylene yarn and qualified PVC synthesis original materials, and Light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth layer.


    (1). Flat roll convenient for moving and storage.

    (2). Working at low-temperature water, also high-temperature water. 

    (3). Anti-hi pressure, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

    (4). Applied to the lines of the auxiliaries for agricultural tools against the drought, project, mining, environment protection, industry and so on, which is the idea liquid transferred hi-pressure hose.   

    (5). Applicable operation at temperature -5° C to +65°C.     

    (6). Length and color are according customer's requirement

    Maintenance of Industrial Use TRU Fire Hose

    1. Storage. The storage place or storage room should be specially set up. The long-term storage of the spare water belt should be stored in a suitable temperature and ventilation place. The water belt should be rolled up on the vertical water-discharging frame, and turned twice or exchanged once a year. The water hoses should be rubbed against each other and exchanged if necessary.

    2. Use aspects. When laying, avoid sudden tortuous and torsion. After filling with water, avoid dragging on the ground to avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as oil, acid and alkali. In areas where there may be flame or strong radiant heat, cotton or hemp water should be used. Belts should be hooked with water when climbing the water belt; when passing through the railway, they should pass under the rails. When passing the road, the water bridge should be placed on the road; prevent the water belt from coming into contact with the hard objects with angular edges. Throwing wood, steel and other items onto the water belt; the water belt should be cleaned after use; the cold area should be lined with water on the outside of the building.

    3. Repair aspects. If a vulnerability is discovered during use, it should be wrapped in a cloth in time to prevent the small hole from expanding, and the mark should be marked and repaired in time. Usually check frequently, find damage, and repair in time.



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